Destination Weddings- Unfolding Mysteries.

Destination Weddings- Unfolding Mysteries.

Destination weddings, it holds various synonyms in the minds of every individual. But, what is it really? Dream Indian Weddings hand in hand with crescent events, is here to give you useful insights if you are planning to have a perfect Destination Wedding! For Mr. Sunny Chotwani, MD Dream Indian Weddings and his team, destination weddings mean family reunions, nostalgia, fabulous spirits and larger than life celebrations.

Destination Weddings look picture perfect and dreamy.. isn’t it? Well, no notion is deceptive here.. Trust us!! Want to know why this concept is breaking barriers so fiercely? Well, these days when it comes to weddings, youngsters look out to build strong bonds between two families in the most fun way possible! And, as Sunny Chotwani truly believes, what better way than a fun-filled destination wedding be, to start new bonds & beginnings. Destination weddings, bring in a lot of joy, relaxation and allows the parents to party hard and bond better without formal boundaries. On the other hand, the to-be- weds too desire to break away from the formalities & routines spend and share their best moments with closest of the friends bidding good byes to singleton in the most memorable way.

What a start!! isn’t it? Did you just returned to reality post the para ended and bet you have started to bite in your nails, yet again!! Worry not, We browsed your worries over time and here we are with soul soothing answers to your questions. Be it specific or the idea of a destination wedding as a whole, read on to relax your muscles and gear up for your D-Day celebrations. Dream Indian Weddings, as the name suggests, assures you the time of your life while on a destination wedding. Here are four floating and trending topics among those having second thoughts on the idea of having a Destination Wedding. We assure you comfort, clarity and concrete conclusive decisions that rule out your worries and encourage you to pick a destination and tie a knot in the most romantic way with the closest souls around you!


Indian weddings are soaked in traditions, have some really strict rituals that follow and are as colourful as a breathtaking painting with a picture perfect view. But, can we conduct ceremonies the way they should while over seas? Yes! We believe, destination weddings give a whole new meaning to ceremonies and that fact, believe us or not, makes every ritual even more magical. At Dream Indian Weddings, we make sure that families don’t compromise on any ritual or ceremonies majorly because it is a destination wedding. Sunny Chotwani states, “We make sure that they get all the things needed for all the ceremonies in any part of the world. Not only this, we always try to add entertainment factor even in the smallest of the smallest ceremonies because we truly value emotions and also, letting the youngsters have there share of fun without missing out on anything.”


Wondering wether the decor at your destination wedding will compliment the wedding ceremonies and the spirits? We say a little bit of both styles would make your D-Day look prettier that your imagination. Sunny Chotwani, being an expert says, “You have to be very creative while designing the decor elements for destination weddings!! So that you don’t destroy or enhance the beauty of that destination beyond limits.” Do not panic!! It isn’t as complicated as it seems, all you need is a relaxed and a calm thinking. The destination wedding charm is in the way your decor turns out with a little bit of both, your traditional values and vibes of the destination. thinking about how big a hole will it burn in your pocket? Then, we would like to shed light on some awesome statistics.. Sunny Chotwani clears the air as he says, “The budget of the decor for destination weddings is not that high if we compare city weddings,!!” Really, he means it. He says “ because, on destination weddings especially, you already have beautiful beaches or palaces in the background. Which in turn saves your big bucks instantly. Soothing, isn’t it?


A destination wedding in Rajasthan wouldn’t be justified until there is a tinge of it’s cultural taste. Without which you wouldn’t be able to say that you had a destination wedding in Rajasthan. The melange of 2 cuisines and cultures is a party in itself. And, we know you wouldn’t resist but agree with us, that the all the sugar & spice of the celebrations rest in the delicacies layer over the counter! We make sure, that the food touches every guests’ soul with the traditional tastes of weddings sprinkled with the destination magic. Sunny Chotwani, know it all! We all too must agree that it’s the food that makes a wedding fabulous. Sunny says ”Our FnB team work closely with best of the chefs & maharaj who travel along, just to make sure that the guests don’t miss authentic Indian Food while tasting the destination flavours. We also have local Indian chefs available at all International destination to add Indian flavour. Most importantly, while designing the menu, with fine expertise we merge local cuisines with international cuisines to serve a perfect platter on the plate.” Wondering, chaat wale ko kaise leek jaenge? Worry not!! As, we also have local street vendors in our menu which are famous worldwide. Lip-smacking treats guaranteed!! And with that we believe, we have just answered your biggest worry! Thank us later 😛


Destination Weddings are undoubtedly a little restrictive. But on the other hand, we believe that they need to be, as Destination Weddings do deserve to be formal and we every guest you cannot be casual. We are sure you would understand and agree with us with doubt! But, in the end, we would say- It totally depends from family to family. Sunny marks by saying, “We have planned destination weddings with 100 to 800 pax. But i will not deny the fact that destination wedding mean calling only the closest guests only, because destination weddings are not formal affairs and if you start calling all your guest then the destination weddings will loose their charm.” The lesser the people, double the fun because its all about spilling the beans and laughing out loud as two souls begin an intimate journey. Sunny Chotwani knows how to make the wedding celebrations special and memorable for every individual witnessing the beautiful sight. Be it the idea to steal the groom’s heart with a mesmerising bridal entry on the aisle, or sweep the bride off her feet the groom’s arrival, Crescent events’ team is as imaginative as your dreams. The cherry on the cake? We also suggest celebrities and artists that add stars to your celebrations and really make your wedding once in lifetime special event that cannot be repeated!!

Destination wedding inspirations and ideas may pour in from any where, but we at Dream Indian Weddings along with Crescent Events, make it happen in the most beautiful way. Our teams consist of highly skilled and qualified professionals who hold thorough expertise in their work giving you flawless results with finesse!

Call us or connect with us over a cup of hot coffee and let us help you in bringing your Dream Destination Wedding to life.


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