Call it an eye-catching element or raising the bar of excellence, we bring together talent and artistic values we bring together an army of individuals dedicated to deliver and design experiences that leave you in awe.

Wedding Management

A highly skilled and passionate team of individuals help us grow together with every event managed with precision. Together we believe in moving forward with dedication in the direction of creating perfect and priceless experiences at events.

In-house Production

With a vast array of service providers under one roof, we take pride in providing a melange of vibrant In-House Production services. Our team of service providers are focused towards perfecting event experiences with excellence and finesse with ease, as we believe a motivated team together is the key to a successful event.

Destination Management (DMC)

The Global Design Co. takes pride in it's teams know-how and knowledge of every destination. With sheer hard-work, the GDC team truly knows it's way around how to make every destination a desired event location.

The GDC Approach

8 scintillating years of dedication, determination, passion and pride, The global design co  has grown enthusiastically into a big family with every individual it is connected with. The experts are known for prioritising, nurturing & strengthening the bonds with each client for delivering the best of experiences. All are guaranteed to depart as a friend with the team’s expertise in servicing their customers in the finest manner with regards to management and magnificent bonds. The team strives to maintain the stature and grace in every step taken forward with pure excellence and extravagance.



We do not boast but definitely believe in putting forward our work for your eyes to believe in the best!


Wedding celebrations and the melange of emotions, excitement and feelings that cannot be expressed in words, cannot be portrayed in a more beautiful way than such wonderful Vow journey videos. 

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Our Clients

We are delighted to share the magical smiles that we spread and couples who chose us above all, to design their wedding celebrations’ journey.