Global Wedding Destinations

  • Mesmerizing Malaysia

    Mystical Malaysia offers mesmerizing experiences not just for the couple but for your loved ones too!!

  • Beautiful Bali

    Beautiful beaches or a blissful breeze, Bali serves you and your guests with picturesque celebrations and a soulful stay.

  • Dashing UAE

    The unique serenity that goes beyond the architectural awe is what makes your celebrations special for you and your loved ones when in UAE.

  • Truly Turkey

    It takes time to find 'The One' to say 'I Do', but once love is found tying a knot in tranquil Turkey makes the wait worthwhile and the spirits are bound to be sky high.

  • Tranquil Thailand

    Celebrations are a trance when in Thailand, a place that surrounds the couple and their guests in nothing but a truly picture perfect moment and time.

  • Serene Srilanka

    A home away from home, celebrations in Sri Lanka offer homely vibes that make to you feel like a destination next door with an essence of true traditional values within.