An island of D-Day dreams, Bali offers a diverse and sophisticated energy of art and culture elegantly wraps a vibrant vibe across the island. With its society revolving around life and religion, the island aura and atmosphere make everyone feel at peace and embrace the harmony in the most positive way possible. Hindu weddings, which too revolve around many religious mantras and chants, Bali serves as the best location for a wedding which demands nothing but a true sense of purity and holistic harmony, picture perfect for a heavenly new beginning. Other than the spiritual well-being, Balinese cuisine is distinct yet so delicious, giving you an experience of a life time. What makes Bali an ideal destination for your dream weddings is it’s priceless scenic beauty, serene climate and sophisticated simplicity.

The Major Destinations




Nusa Dua

Cost Per Head


54,999 INR per person for 2 Nights (Exc. Flight & Visa)