A Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Cultural and Multi-Lingual traits make Malaysia an ideal Destination for those who desire to wed in surroundings that make the celebrations seem just like home. Malaysia, having Hinduism inscribed in it’s roots along with few others, makes it nothing but perfect for destination weddings. From cuisines to celebrations, every bit of Malaysian atmosphere offers a mesmerizing palette of elements that truly leave one in an awe and makes every soul feel like home. The Malaysian Magic serves you and your family & friends with a well-balanced ambience and an environment pinned to perfection. A home away from home, with guests who matter to you the most, a flaw-less D-Day celebration and nothing but a perfect new beginning happens in Malaysia.

The Major Destinations

Kuala Lumpur

Cost Per Head

49,999 INR per person for 2 Nights (Exc. Flight & Visa)