Begin your journey in tranquillizing Turkey!! Celebrate, indulge and experience a vivid mosaic of cultures and culinary expertise and finesse. Weddings are all about something old and something new, and Destination Wedding in Turkey too just offers you the perfect blend of traditions, heritage & culture in the same way!! You are home away from home when in Turkey because this is truly where new journeys begin with a bliss. This beautiful city offers once in a lifetime breath-taking experience for not only the couple but all their beloved family and friends too! The Mediterranean climate makes your celebrations brighter and even more beautiful with its perfect soft sunshine, mild temperatures and a soothing breeze. If your are looking for a destination to celibate and not sweat with all the pumped up energies around, turn Turkey and take your vows under the perfect sun!

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Cost Per Head

99,999 INR per person for 3 Nights (Exc. Flight & Visa)